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Been really busy lately. But I think I owe it to Ms. Aida to give an account on what has happened during the triduum Holy Week.

Maundy Thursday, I went to work. (But i always make sure to come to Backaran Church for the mass.)....Yes I did, imagine riding the jeepney from Caloocan (5th Ave) to Baclaran, since the LRT was on Holiday also. I had to come to the office early in the morning to have a dort of "turnover ceremony" of documents with the bookkeeper that I replaced. These includes finding and sorting files at the stockroom. Believe me that wasn't actually fun...

Quiapo church
good Friday, I woke up late with the news that my grandfather had an accident. A police called my aunt's housw to inform us that my 81 year old lolo who was suppose to go to mass slipped on the stairs of the underpass in Quiapo. My uncles, aunt and cousins went to Jose Reyes were my lolo was brought by Nazareno devotees and mobile patrol policemen. My brother who also came said that my lolo's head was really bleeding...The doctors and nurses at the Jose reyes hospital was not very helpful, being a public hospital in the Philippines what could we expect....
He was vomitting. After more than an hour he was transferred to Metropolitan Hospital in Masangkay where he was assisted by Mrs. Edna, the chief nurse and mom of my brother's friend. He had stitches because of the severe wound on top of his brows, my brother said lolo was like Frankenstein monster...Being a Chinese hospital...the surgeon of my lolo was Atong Ang's doctor they said...

Black Saturday I just stayed at home with my mom, I watched the marathon run of Seventh heaven at 11am to 630pm then the movie of jack Nicholson and Helen hunt AS GOOD AS IT GETS...

Easter Sunday i went to church early in the morning at UST then I went to see my lolo at the hospital until 8pm.
I was actually scared seeing my lolo . Because I think he was really really fragile and all...But he came home fr the hosp Monday morning... :)
... Sige next time naman

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nice account thetet :) but really you don't owe me anything. including me and my family in your prayers is all there is to it and lighting a candle in Baclaran for us if you do remember will make me very happy :> yes, three churches and more of them always make my Phil. visit very worthwhile :) and here in the U.S. i'm called aida by everyone young and old :) so it's just foreign to my ears if you call me that but i'll make sure to get used to it, laughs. here in the U.S. holy week is just an ordinary week, no stoppage of work, people go about on their usual business except us catholics of course...lots of religion in here kasi, unlike the phil. na a lot are catholics. so tuloy hindi mo feel sa labas ang holy week mood dito, sad...pati tv walang change of programming, hindi kagaya diyan...i'm very happy for the good recovery of your lolo, it could have been a lot worst, thank God diba?... aida

head injuries are really like that. they tend to bleed a lot. my lolo's head got caught in a steel frame before. i had to keep him awake on the car, hold the bloody towel onto his head and drive him to hosp...all by myself!

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